Indian Wells 2012 Women’s Singles Draw: Qualifying

Maria Sharapova at the Australian Open
2006 Indian Wells champion and 2011 semi finalist Maria SHARAPOVA is on target to win a major event after being the 2012 Australian Open and 2011 Wimbledon runner-up from the past 3 Grand Slams.

The 2012 Indian Wells Open women’s qualifying singles event begins on Monday 5 March at 10am local time and was drawn on Sunday 4 March. In this post the full women’s qualifying singles draw will be listed below plus a number of interesting facts about the qualifying. YOU can attend both days of the qualifying event without having to pay for a ticket, yes, it is free entry, so don’t miss it!

There are 48 players in the qualifying draw divided up between 6 Wild Cards (WC) and 42 Direct Acceptances vying for 12 spots in the singles main draw. There are 24 seeds in the qualifying draw that have ALL been separated from each other as they are seeded to be the players who do qualify, so only meet each other in “The Qualifying Round”. The Qualifying Round is the final round that decides which 12 players qualify for the main singles draw.

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The cut-off date for acceptances into the 2012 Indian Wells Open qualifying singles draw was 23 January 2012. Players were accepted into the qualifying draw according to their ranking on January 23rd. To determine whom the 24 seeds are in the qualifying event, the rankings released on Monday 27 February 2012 will be used to identify the seeds (and not the rankings at the time of qualifying on January 23rd).

A seeded player occupies one of every two spots in the qualifying draw. The qualifying draws are different to main draws because these events do not play off until there is one undefeated player. Therefore, the No.1 seed and the No.2 seed are not separated at the opposite ends of the draw. The seeds do not receive a BYE in the 1st round of the qualifying event like they do in the singles main draw. All players must win two best-of-three tiebreak set matches in a row in order to qualify.

Each player that qualifies for the singles main draw earns 30 WTA ranking points. If a qualifier loses in the 1st round of the main draw then that player earns 35 points (30+5), 30 points for qualifying plus the 5 main draw 1st round points. A player who starts in the 1st round i.e. a direct acceptance or a wild card recipient is awarded 5 WTA ranking points for a 1st round loss. Whereas, in the men’s main singles draw wild cards do NOT receive any ranking points if they lose their 1st round match!

A qualifier earns the ranking points that are awarded for the round that player makes it through to, plus the 30 points earned for qualifying, throughout the tournament. For example, a qualifier who wins the 1st round of the main draw and then gets knocked out in the 2nd round earns 50 points for making the 2nd round plus 30 points for qualifying. Thus, a qualifier who loses in the 2nd round earns 80 ranking points in total.

If a direct acceptance withdraws from the event, then a “Lucky Loser” i.e. a player who loses in the final round of qualifying will be awarded a place in the singles main draw. A Lucky Loser who loses in the 1st round of the main draw earns 20 points from the qualifying event in addition to the points allocated per round e.g. a 1st round loss by a Lucky Loser equals 20 plus 5, for a total of 25.

The 2012 Indian Wells Open Women’s qualifying singles draw is:

  1. Greta ARN (1) v (WC) Madison KEYS
  2. Julia COHEN (WC) v (21) Eva BIRNEROVA 
  3. Katernya BONADRENKO (2) v Paula ORMAECHEA
  4. Jessica PEGULA (WC) v (22) Bojana JAOVANOVSKI
  5. Michaella KRAJICEK (3) v Yvonne MEUSBURGER
  6. Gail BRODSKY (WC) v (14) Mandy MINELLA
  7. Ana TATISHVILI (4) v Misaki DOI
  8. Laura ROBSON v (20) Casey DELLACQUA
  10. Andrea HLAVACKOVA v (15) Nina BRATCHIKOVA
  11. Aleksandra WOZNIAK (6) v Heather WATSON
  12. Evgeniya RODINA v (16) Anastasia RODIONOVA
  13. Eleni DANIILIDOU (7) v Tetiana LUZHANSKA
  14. Monica PUIG (WC) v (19) CHANG Kai-Chen
  15. Vera DUSHEVINA (8) v ZHANG Shuai
  16. Aranxta PARRA SANTONJA v (23) Alize CORNET
  17. Vavara LEPCHENKO (9) v Olivia ROGOWKSA
  18. Karolina PLISKOVA v (18) Edina GALLOVITS-HALL
  19. Alexandra PANOVA (10) v (WC) Caroline GARCIA
  20. Akgul AMANMURADOVA v (13) Stephanie FORETZ-GACON
  21. Virginie RAZZANO (11) v Mirjana LUCIC
  22. Aravane REZAI v (24) Kristina BARROIS
  23. Stephanie DUBOIS (12) v Lesia TSURENKO
  24. Melinda CZINK v (17) Alla KUDRYAVTSEVA

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