Japan Open 2011 Women’s Schedule of Play

The 12th Major Tournament for the women’s professional tennis tour is the Japan Open in Tokyo. The Japan Open is the 5th and final Premier FIVE level tournament this year making it one of the most important tournaments on the WTA Tour each year. To watch the tennis in Singapore add 1 hour to the local Tokyo times listed below.

This tournament begins on Friday 23 September for the women’s event with the qualifying draw and the Women’s Singles Final will be played on Sunday 1 October. The 1st round matches of the main draw begin on Sunday 25 September. The Qualifying draw will be announced at 4pm on Thursday 22 September and the Main Draw will be announced at 4pm on Friday 23 September.

This post will cover how the WTA ranking points plus prize money are allocated and what the schedule of play is. Due to title sponsorship naming rights the official name for the Japan Open is the Toray Pan Pacific Open, which is shortened to PPO. The PPO is held at the Ariake Tennis Forest Park in the Ariake Colosseum. The Ariake Colosseum has a retractable leaf-shaped roof and accommodates 10,000 spectators. The total prize money for the 2011 PPO in Japan for the women’s singles event is $2,050,000 US dollars.

The PPO has a 56-player main draw and a 32-player qualifying draw. In a  56-player singles draw there are 16 seeded players who are selected according to the WTA rankings on the final Monday before this event commences i.e. September 19. Only the Top 8 seeded players receive a BYE in the 1st round, whilst seeds 9 to 16 do have to play a first round match. 

Pictured above is the 2010 Japan Open Women’s singles champion Caroline WOZNIACKI well after having made contact with the ball on what looks like one of her higher quality forehand ground strokes at the 2011 US Open. The current World No.1 made the semi finals for the second straight year at the US Open and equal her best result in a Grand Slam in 2011. The 1.77m Wozniacki from Denmark made the 2011 Australian Open semi finals and achieved her best result in a Grand Slam singles event to date by reaching the US Open final in 2009.

The WTA ranking points and prize money is awarded to the players like this:

  1. The winner earns 900 points + $360,000;
  2. The runner-up earns 620 points + $180,000;
  3. The two semi finalists earn 395 points + $90,000;
  4. The four quarter finalists earn 225 points + $41,450;
  5. The 8 players who lose in the round of 16 earn 125 points + $20,550;
  6. The 16 players who lose in the 2nd round earn 70 points + $10,575;
  7. The *players who lose in the 1st round earn 1 point + $5,500.

The players who lose in the 1st round of the qualifying event earn $1,550 and 1 WTA ranking point. The players who lose in the 2nd round of qualifying earn $3,000 and 20 points. The players who lose in the 3rd round of qualifying earn a minimum of $5,500 and 30 points.

*The players who qualify for the main draw and then lose the 1st round earn 30 points, whereas players, who start in the 1st round and lose their 1st match, only earn 1 point. Wild Card entrants who lose 1st round also receive 1 point.

From the 2nd round onwards any qualifiers earn the points allocated by round PLUS their 30 points for qualifying. For example, a qualifier who wins the 1st round of the main draw and then gets knocked out in the 2nd round earns 70 points for making the 2nd round plus 30 points for qualifying, which means 100 points would be added to their ranking total.

The matches each day are played in a day session beginning from 10am to 11am except for on the final two days. For these two days the matches are all played on centre court with play beginning at 1pm on semi finals day and for The Women’s Singles Final.

The schedule of play for the 2011 Japan Open Women’s Singles event in Tokyo is:

  • Friday 23 September: Qualifying 1st round from 10am;
  • Saturday 24 September: Qualifying 2nd round from 10am;
  • Sunday 25 September: Main Draw 1st round from 10:30am;
  • Monday 26 September: 1st and 2nd round from 10:30am;
  • Tuesday 27 September: 2nd round from 10:30am;
  • Wednesday 28 September: Round of 16 from 10:30am;
  • Thursday 29 September: Quarter Finals from 11am;
  • Friday 30 September: Semi Finals from 1pm; and
  • Saturday 1 October: Women’s Singles Final at 1pm.

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