Miami 2013 Women’s Singles Draw: Qualifying

Venus Williams

The 2013 Miami Open women’s qualifying singles event begins on Monday 18 March at 10am local time in Miami, Florida. In this post the full women’s qualifying singles draw will be listed below plus a number of interesting facts about the qualifying, including how this draw works and how the WTA ranking points are allocated. The tickets to the qualifying range are 9 US dollars on the first day of qualifying and 15 on the second day.

As soon as the qualifying draw is announced on Sunday 17 March it will be added right here-> Miami 2013 Women’s Singles Draw: Qualifying 1st Round. There are 48 players in the qualifying draw divided up between 6 Wild Cards (WC) and 42 Direct Acceptances vying for 12 spots in the singles main draw.

To watch the tennis in Singapore you need to add 12 hours to the local time in Miami to work out the equivalent Singapore time as listed in the 2013 Miami women’s schedule of play.

The seeds do not receive a BYE in the 1st round of the qualifying event like they do in the singles main draw. All players must win two best-of-three tiebreak set matches in a row in order to qualify.

There are 24 seeds in the qualifying draw that have ALL been separated from each other in the first round so if they win through against the lower ranked players, they all play-off in “The Qualifying Round”. The Qualifying Round is the final round that decides which 12 players qualify for the 2013 Miami singles main draw.

The cut-off date for acceptances into the 2013 Miami Open qualifying singles draw was 4 February 2013, which means players were accepted into the qualifying draw according to their ranking on that day. The 24 seeds are in the qualifying event are determined in ranking order by the rankings as at Monday 4 March 2013 (and not the rankings at the time of qualifying on February 4th).

In many ways it is better to compete in the qualifying than to be given a wildcard into the main draw. Here is a breakdown of the ranking points and prize money per round for the qualifying event:

  1. $1,285 US dollars and 1 WTA ranking point to players who lose in the 1st round of qualifying;
  2. $2,515 and 20 WTA ranking points to players that win through to the 2nd round of qualifying but are then defeated; and
  3. $7,680 and 30 ranking points to players who qualify for the main draw but are then defeated in the 1st round of the main draw.

Each player that qualifies for the singles main draw earns 30 WTA ranking points. If a qualifier loses in the 2nd round of the main draw she earns 80 points (30+50), 30 points for qualifying plus the 50 main draw 2nd round points. A player who starts in the 1st round i.e. a direct acceptance or a wildcard recipient, only earns 5 WTA ranking points if she loses her 1st round match.

A qualifier who wins the 1st two round of the main draw and then gets knocked out in the 3rd round earns 80 points for making the 3rd round plus 30 points for qualifying. Thus, a qualifier who loses in the 3rd round earns 110 ranking points in total.

If a direct acceptance withdraws from the event, then a “Lucky Loser” i.e. a player who loses in the final round of qualifying will be awarded a place in the singles main draw. A Lucky Loser who loses in the 1st round of the main draw earns 20 points from the qualifying event, then would add those 20 points to the total she earns for a 2nd round or beyond finish.

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