WTA Tour Champion 2009: October 27-November 1

Pictured above is Elena Dementieva moving forward to attack on the centre court in Doha. Doha is where the WTA Tour Finals are being held again this year and the current title sponsor of this tournament is Sony Ericsson.

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Today’s topic is the 2009 WTA Tour Finals in Doha. When future information about the WTA Tour Finals i.e. the end of year championships is added to this tennis website it will be continually updated on this directory page. Add this page to your favourites to make coming back here EASY!

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Today’s POST is dedicated to Michael Chang. Chang was born on this day in 1972. The American won 1 Grand Slam singles title. He is the youngest ever male player to win a Grand Slam singles title. Chang won the 1989 French Open when he was 17 years old. He first achieved his highest career ranking of World No.2 on 9 September 1996.

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