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Thofique’s Google+ recommendation:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Jay has a huge talent for coaching tennis and will make corrections to your technique that reap immediate benefits. His enthusiasm is infectious and he is extremely professional. He understands anatomy and nutrition and biomechanics and uses great examples to illustrate his teaching points. Get a lesson ASAP if you can!

Insiyah’s Google+ recommendation:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Jay is dedicated and extremely professional, creating a great atmosphere for learning.
I started out at zero, and I very much appreciate his keen observation of technique and immediate correction, with demonstration of ways to practice it better. He has great positive energy which makes every lesson enjoyable.

He is able to teach, improve and challenge you to play at your best and improve- no matter what level of tennis you are currently at.

Ben’s Google+ recommendation:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Jay is a great tennis coach. I have been taking lessons from him for about a year. My game has dramatically improved. Jay is one of the few coaches who has experience on the professional tour playing the same era as Mark Philipoussis so he has the depth of knowledge and experience to take your game as far as you can go. He also has professional sports science qualifications. His coaching style is based on sound technique drawing on his decades of experience as a tennis professional. Definitely worth the investment in taking lessons with Jay.

Des’s Google+ recommendation:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I moved to Singapore 5 months ago and had a hard time finding a good coach. It was just luck that I found Jay and what a gem of a coach. I learned so much from him in just a few lessons especially the new techniques that he showed and taught me. Totally a breakthrough from my previous lessons. Also his You Tube videos helped me to follow and learn proper swings and body movement. Highly recommended.

Patrick’s Google+ recommendation:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️During my first lesson with Jay it became very clear to me that, what I thought was good coaching in the past, was now
here near the quality of coaching that Jay provides.

He is an expert in pinpointing the exact cause of your errors. Better still, he always has the perfect correction that I need to implement. Amazingly, as soon as you apply his teaching it works immediately with significantly noticeable results.

Try one lesson with Jay and you’ll never go back. Thanks Jay!

Andrews’s Google+ recommendation:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Best tennis coach I’ve had so far. What Jay does different in my mind is his logical explanation of what the most efficient tennis stroke should be. He made sure that I clearly understood what the perfect form is first, which was really helpful.
Unlike other coaches who would be telling me what I did wrong on each stroke, with Jay, I usually know what my mistake is before he points it out, because I am driven to think about perfect form on every stroke. Also, the form he explained to me, which logically makes a lot of sense, is less prone to injuries. My ball speed is as fast as before, but I don’t suffer from tennis elbow as I did in the past.

Kyoko’s LinkedIn recommendation:

“Jay was definitely the best tennis coach I’ve ever had! He broke everything down and actually had theory to what he was teaching. I’ve previously had private lessons before and came away from them feeling like I had a good workout but still wondering whether or not I was hitting the ball any better.
Really appreciated Jay’s deliberate approach and attention to detail. You definitely know what you’re being taught is correct because when you apply it, you really notice the improvement right away! I wish I had learned this from the beginning of my tennis days as it’s so effortless and the strokes feel great. Like everything that’s worth doing, this is something I have to work at. But now it’s not so frustrating as I know exactly what I should be doing. Can’t wait for next time!”

Sally’s recommendation on Facebook.com/OnCourtAdvantage:

“Jay is a top class coach with really sharp eyes. He is able to pin point problems that make dramatic improvement an immediate result. He is also an expert in sports science and biomechanics and he patiently explains clearly why things should be done in certain ways by making reference to what we see from the top pros. This is extremely useful and informative. Besides teaching just the “how” and “what” to do, his emphasis on teaching also the “why” is very enlightening and convincing. It is really a great experience learning from Jay.”

Una’s LinkedIn recommendation:
“I signed up with Jay for a tennis package a few months ago, as a mediocre player. Within 3 lessons, my game was transformed through his brilliant use of biomechanics which has basically re-crafted my technique. Jay is totally engaged throughout the lesson. He has laser vision, and can spot the tiniest of errors, be that grip or foot position. Having taken coaching for the last 5 years, I can say without hesitation that Jay is the best coach I’ve ever had. Patient, creative and an industrious. One hour’s tuition with Jay is better than 10 hours with any other coach I’ve had. Brilliant.”

Deirdre’s LinkedIn recommendation:
“Jay is an expert in tennis coaching; before I met him, I had a 6 month break with serious Rotator Cuff injury, caused by bad technique. I knew something was wrong so went to Jay who cured me in a few lessons from old (bad) habits. He also explained why I should alter my swing, what it does for my game; this has made me feel more confident as a player. He is still my coach. I admire his love for the work he does; he is passionate about tennis and extremely knowledgeable.”

Chris’s LinkedIn recommendation:

“I have recently signed up to a set of ten lessons with Jay having recently moved to Singapore. I hadn’t played for a good ten years and so really needed the help! He is a truly first class coach and despite my relatively basic standard he has given my game his full attention. He breaks down the stroke and really builds from scratch in a simple, highly effective way. He is able to spot the smallest errors, point them out and help build the technique and confidence to improve. Highly recommend him. He has even gone above and beyond the time in our lesson to arrange a new racket for me using his network. Top guy & top coach.”

Shereen’s LinkedIn recommendation:
“Jay is the best tennis coach I have hired, my game has improved tremendously. I can hit better and stronger without incurring any more injuries. He made me realise all the traditional techniques I had acquired for the past 10 years were much less efficient and actually you are better off not having any lessons than learning and ingraining the wrong advice. I would definitely recommend him to anyone whom wished to up his/her game!”

Gary’s LinkedIn recommendation:

“I’ve had one-on-one and group lessons with at least ten instructors since I picked up the sport ten years ago. Jay is by far the best of them all. I started taking lessons with Jay four years ago, and to this day, even though I am based abroad, I make it a point to hit him up to sharpen my skills whenever I am back visiting in Singapore. Unlike many coaches who may rehash the same set of teachings to different students, Jay quickly identifies your own weaknesses and flaws and teaches you how to rectify them. His tips are easy-to-follow and often have an immediate impact on your game. No matter your level of your play, I wholeheartedly recommend hiring Jay if you want to improve your game.”

Amitabh’s LinkedIn recommendation:
“Jay has taken my game to the next level! Initially, I was a bit sceptical on the degree of improvement to expect from the bio-mechanics based coaching Jay provides. But Jay’s ability to spot and tweak just one or two things for specific strokes turned my game into a very efficient and consistent one. I reached a 3.5 level after 1.5 years of coaching. 5 classes with Jay and I am now bordering 4, with my erstwhile coach complimenting my new found game. Needless to say he can help with the game tactics as well, which is a big bonus. You have to see him at work to believe this. I highly recommend any player willing to improve his/her game at any level to experience a session with him. Believe me, that session will only be the beginning of a great coaching relationship.”

Thomas’s LinkedIn recommendation:

“I highly recommend Jay as a tennis coach. Before taking lessons with Jay, I hadn’t been able to play frequently as it’d often resulted in joint pains, and had also reached a certain limit I simply couldn’t get past. Jay managed to quickly spot and correct errors in my technique and helped me correct them in a way that not only significantly improved my game – I can now confidently compete at a much higher level –, but also seemed to have removed the causes of recurring pain. Jay’s explanations are clear and well-founded. He has deep expertise in the ‘biomechanics’ of the sport, which has made a tremendous difference to how I now look at my game. He is also a passionate analyst and expert in tactics, which he is similarly able to break down in a simple, actionable manner. No matter what level of play, coaching with Jay is likely going to improve it.”

Tze Yung’s Google+ recommendation:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”Jay is an excellent tennis coach! He explained my game really accurately and was most helpful in pointing out areas for further improvement. He’s definitely a coach I’d recommend to any person who wants to improve his/her game! 5-star rating fully deserved!👌👍”

Samuel’s LinkedIn recommendation:

Jay is an excellent coach with a great understanding of the most effective and efficient ways of teaching tennis. Transformed my stroke in 1 lesson! Would highly recommend whether a beginner or advanced.

Elan’s LinkedIn recommendation:

“Jay – The best coach I have come across during my various trials in Singapore.

I have signed up for a 10 hr session with him and immediately started feeling the positive difference with my strokes. A thorough professional who focuses more on the right techniques, basics and style and pin points the acute mistakes in our stroke production, foot work, swing etc. He is a no nonsense coach who values time and doesn’t waste a second on court. His timing of arriving to the class is as good as the timing of Roger Federer’s half volley takes on the base line 🙂

I still have some distance to cover in order to reach where I want to be and looking forward to continue my session with Jay to get there.”

Jolyn’s LinkedIn recommendation:
Jay is one of the few rare persons I’ve met who is completely committed to the cause of advancing tennis: as a coach wanting his students to excel, mastery of the techniques and mental perseverance, but also to the sport itself and its promotion in Singapore. I feel that I’ve improved much under his coaching, but equally as important I feel that I’ve gained much in terms of learning to overcome the mental obstacles and confidence hurdles that one has when learning something new. All this, Jay does patiently and each time with a smiley face. I’d recommend Jay to anyone wishing to pick up tennis.

John’s LinkedIn recommendation:
“I have been having lessons with Jay for 2+ years after learning of Jay through a referral and haven’t looked back. Lessons are tailored to your requirements and along with consistently improving all aspects of my game I have also learnt efficient use of my body via biomechanic coaching. Jay is very flexible and reliable and the sessions are of course fun. I highly recommend Jay whatever your level.”

Chiok’s recommendation:
“Dear Friends,
Most of you know i love tennis and have been playing it for a very long time. Throughout this period, i underwent several coaching sessions whenever i felt i needed to bring my game up another level.
Last month i completed another such course under an Australian coach named Jay Davern. Jay was an ex pro himself, and had coached pretty illustrious names of which some of you may still remember on the ATP tennis tour.
You also know that personally i am very detailed on playing techniques and i push hard. Over the years i met several coaches and played them as well, some good and some so-so.
Jay is the highest qualified coach in Singapore and he also trains other coaches as well. Do check out Oncourt Avantage for more details of his coaching sessions. I loved my recent sessions that were full of logic,science, technique and most of all, basic common sense.
I learnt simplicity, clarity of strokes and most importantly, got rid of some bad habits accumulated over the years. I think my game has taken on another level.
There are a lot of you playing good tennis out there, and some of you may feel you are kind of plateauing right now.
Or some of you are eager to pick up this sport. Jay is the most patient of coaches i have met so far and he makes it so simple to comprehend, unlike many others who use complicated ways to show unnecessary sophistication. Do check out Jay and as a friend to friend, you are gonna love tennis again!”

Andreas’s LinkedIn recommendation:
“I have recently started playing tennis again after a break of 15 years. After having lessons with Jay, I realised that allot of the technique that I had been taught may not have been the best for my game or my body.
After 5 lessons, I have seen a huge improvement in my game and each additional lesson brings greater stroke play and more enjoyment.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jay to anyone that is looking to take up tennis. He has a great way with clients and is very passionate about tennis. In addition, his teaching style looks to try and make sure you are doing the right things with your body. Hopefully avoiding the common ailments of tennis players.

Thanks Jay.”

Ron’s LinkedIn recommendation:

I had the great pleasure of learning from Jay Davern this past couple of weeks while vacationing in Singapore. I found Jay through an online search for tennis coaches in Singapore. Being an active tennis player I did not want to go more than a few days without a proper hit or a coaching session. Jay did that and more for me. He worked with a laundry list of my weaker points of the game, took some of the ingrained methods and gave it a fresh new perspective, all the while taking the time to explain in great detail the benefits of making these changes. I wish I could have taken many more lessons with Jay than the 5 I signed up for but my time in Singapore was coming to an end. I felt like I had just got the hang of some of these changes but not owning them yet prior to leaving. However, I left with the goal of using all that Jay taught me and putting them into practice. This morning, I showed up for my regular Tuesday morning practice at the club and consciously applied Jay’s lessons. It took me a while to get things going however, towards the end of the 90 minute session, I can safely say I was hitting better serves, better volleys off my backhand, better poaching than I have done before and overall, I was seeing the ball much earlier, had better preparation and missed far less balls than I used to. This is only the start of a new phase for me but I think it’s been a positive start and I can’t thank Jay enough for his coaching and guidance.

For those of you players who are interested, I have been playing tennis for 40 years, compete regularly in USTA mens and mixed doubles leagues at the 4.0 level and I thought I was a decent player until I met Jay. He can teach and improve any player of any level so much more….

Looking forward to my next trip to Singapore.

Regina’s LinkedIn recommendation:
“I am into my 5th session with Jay and each session is an eye opener. He has this ability to flick the switch in you by breaking things down into not only bite size but customized visual that allows one to ‘see’ things quickly.
Jay is constantly providing constructive feedback throughout the session, making me think, visualize and make the necessary correction as I go so that I hit balls that count instead of hitting endless balls that does nothing.
With his help, I realized things that I am not doing which I thought I have been doing and also things I am doing which I thought I am not doing… This definitely changes how I play, although not quite there yet but there is hope 🙂
Many more eureka moments I am sure….
Thanks Jay.”

Eliza’s LinkedIn recommendation:
“I’ve just only had my 3rd lesson with Jay, but already started to feel the consistency & the common sense (for minimizing injury), of the corrections he’s been building into my strokes. Am looking forward to my next few lessons, and definitely will introduce to any friends interested in learning tennis!”

Pua’s Google+ recommendation:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Jay is a really good full time tennis coach and he has got a lot of experience. He is able to spot and rectify mistakes unconventionally. He is dedicated on top of all.

Anita’s LinkedIn recommendation:

“Hi I’ve been having doubles team coaching and private lessons with Jay over the last year or so and I highly recommend him for teaching both doubles strategy and also for private coaching. I certainly feel that my tennis is improving.”


  1. Hi,

    I think I am only slightly better than beginner and would like to take some classes. I am also interested in either group(2-3) or private session. May I know the cost for each option and is the lesson?

  2. Hi Ruth thank you for your interest in tennis lessons for your 3 children. Yes I can arrange tennis lessons for them and a court can always be arranged for these lessons. You will receive an email with the details within the hour.

    Best regards,

    OnCourt Advantage

  3. Hi Jay, I am interested to organise some tennis lessons for my 3 children – 15yo, 13yo and 9yo. They are all at the beginner level though two older have some skill in getting the ball across the net but not the youngest. We live in Clementi, do you have any beginner lessons available close to that location? How much are your tennis lessons – for groups and private coaching?

  4. Hi Federica thank you for your interest in tennis lessons. Yes tennis coaching lessons for beginner level players are certainly available and a court can always be arranged for lessons. You will receive an email with the details within the hour.

    Best regards,

    OnCourt Advantage

  5. Hello,
    I would like to take some tennis lessons, private or in a group but not more than 2/3 people.
    I’m 33 and my level is beginner. I took tennis lessons 1 year ago but I think that my level is beginner.
    How much is your coaching fees for individual lessons or group lessons? In my condo there isn’t the tennis court. Where is possible to take the lesson?

    Thank you so much

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